The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire

Sugar Glider Press is proud to announce the official release of Eckhard Gerdes’ magnificent short work, The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire.  Accompanied by photography from our own Leon Ward, Eckhard’s first published piece on Sugar Glider is every inch as strong as you’d expect it be.  Eckhard is of course no newcomer to the art of literature, and he is one of the few dedicates who still manage to keep every new thing they write fresh and alive.  Sylvia may not be the latest in his rich bibliography, but it does document his enormous talent, even in the condensed formats with which Sugar Glider works.

Leon Ward, however, is a newcomer to the world of publishing.  An accomplished photographer for many years, he has only recently decided to follow this calling more seriously – and thank god for us!  His lens has captured a perfect set of visual representations of Eckhard’s intent.  Congrats to both writer and artist.

Sugar Glider Press Introduces…#2 Eckhard Gerdes, The Sylvia Plath Cookbook: A Satire.  Available now from Lulu and soon from Amazon.


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